Parking guidance system for sports arenas

Setrix offers operators a cost-effective solution for the management of parking spaces at sports arenas.
The system consists of a complete internet-based parking guidance system for sports arenas. It provides great flexibility and can be optimally integrated into the customer’s own operating procedures. The software is browser-oriented. Existing parking systems can be fitted with counting systems, if these are not already available. To this end, Setrix offers a compatible car counting system. The parking systems are networked via mobile radio and afford an efficient infrastructure with no need for a large capital investment. Savings are also achieved by avoiding the cost of cable laying.

Advantage: use of existing infrastructure, minimal connection costs, can be expanded any time in the future. The system can be integrated into superordinate parking guidance systems (e.g. municipal systems).

The system enables the implementation of new operating models for parking guidance systems. The benefits can be extended to other user groups such as external security services and stadium visitors.
The solution is service-oriented. Customers do not have to administer a server on their own premises. Backup, restoring and monitoring is performed automatically by an in-ternal or external service provider. This minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO) of the server system. It also makes to easy to implement operation of the parking guidance system by a third party.

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