S-3720 Gateway Server

Setrix S-3720 is designed as an autonomous system with high computing power and minimal energy consumption. The state-of-theart hardware components and a reliable
operating system provide flawless nonstop operation. Setrix S-3720 can be installed with minimal effort. The extensive use the web technology allows centralized administration of large numbers of Setrix S-3720. The individual configuration of individual Setrix S-3720 is possible.
Communication makes it all
Typical applications for Setrix S-3720 are: distributed monitoring of applications with respect to operation status, error condition and energy consumption, remote control of furnaces and air conditioners as well as data logging and dedicated tasks in facility management.
Setrix S-3720 provides the needed functionalities. Up to three independent communication channels can be used at the same time (see Detail at right). The application and the user can define when and how the data is transmitted. Data transfer is triggered internally or externally.
Download datasheet S-3720