Sign Control

Turnkey Sign Control via GSM/GPRS from Setrix
Setrix offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for variable message signs not connected to cable-based networks or where installation would be too expensive. This Setrix sign control unit cuts the cost of cable laying, is simple to install and offers flexible connections to superordinate systems.

The GSM/GPRS-based Setrix S-3730-GPRS sign controller is a tried-and-tested platform. It is cost-effective, secure and enables the rapid installation of variable message sign networks. The S-3730 communications gateway supports GSM and GPRS and con-tinuously monitors the connected components in the signs (e.g. LCD displays, illumination, prism displays).

Advantages of GPRS technology for sign control

Consumer technology
Widely available through dealers and sales channels. No or few contractual obligations. Choice of providers.
Faster connection setup
The Setrix GPRS communications gateway can transmit information directly to the network without lengthy connection setup times.
Integration with IP networks
Apart from an internet connection, no other special infrastructure is needed for connecting to a program.
Cost is based on data volumes, not online time
This means the optimum data tariff can be selected for each application.
Higher data transmission rates
Depending on the direction of transmission, GPRS offers two to five times faster data transmission rates than circuit-switched GSM connections.
Low price
GPRS ensures efficient use of bandwidth in the mobile radio network, so that providers offer attractively priced data con-tracts.

The solution enables easy connection of message signs without any expensive laying of data cables. This offers advan-tages and savings for planners, providers, operators and customers.
The Setrix system combines computer and GPRS communications technology. It offers a universal computer environment for the automatic capture, evaluation and transmission of the operating data of message signs as well as the receipt and execution of control com-mands and sign data. It offers the greatest possible flexibility for implementing protocols for communications between the control electronics of the signs and the S-3720. Later updates can be installed online. Data on web protocols (http, ftp, etc.) is buffered on local flash memory. This facilitates communication across GPRS networks. Various protocols can be implemented for interfacing with superordinate systems.

Benefits of the Setrix solution
Because it communicates via the GPRS network, Setrix provides secure and reliable connections. The data can be configured and optimized to suit different applications. Within the system the data can be buffered locally on non-deletable memory. This means potential data loss is avoided and diagnosis of status and error protocols is possible.

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