Internet Parking guidance system

Setrix is the first company to offer a completely internet-based parking guidance sys-tem. The system provides great flexibility and can be optimally integrated into the customer’s operating procedures. The software is browser-oriented. Parking garages as well as message signs are connected via the internet without cables. The advantages include: utilization of legacy infrastructure, minimization of connection costs, and easy expansion any time in the future.

The Setrix solution enables implementation of new operating models for parking guidance systems. The benefits can be extended to other user groups such as parking garage operators and public.
The solution is service-oriented. Customers do not have to administer a server on their own premises. Backup, restore and monitoring are performed automatically by an internal or external service provider. This minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO) of the server system. It also makes it easy to implement operation of the parking guidance system by a third party.

The advantages of internet technology for operating a parking guidance system:

• Service-oriented
Functions are available via the internet and can be executed by all authorized users. Own hardware is not required.
• Browser-based
Installation on special PCs not required. Software is updated on the server.
• Hardware with high availability
Server operated in a computer center or special department. Advantages: redundant hardware components, rapid and direct maintenance, high-speed internet connection
• Scalable
Several servers ensure high availability and higher speeds. Linking of additional parking ga-rages and message signs is easily implemented.
• Flexible
Smooth integration into the customer’s operating procedures. All participants receive user rights so they can execute functions. Can be adapted to organization changes at any time in the future.
• Low price
Enables choice of operating the least-cost system available