S-3730 Gateway Server

GPRS/UMTS Gateway-System

The S-3730 is a powerful, industry-capable remote gateway server that combines a microprocessor for powerful computing and an expandable memory together with interfaces for local and remote telecommunications. In addition to a modem function, the S-3730 has an open programmable system with the option of local data storage. It also offers pre-installed software and a flexible and comprehensive platform for Setrix programs and customer-specific applications.

Up to 512 MByte SDRAM, 128 MByte flash onboard memory and SD flash card disk can be used in the S-3730. The Ethernet interface can be used for integration into a local network or for connection to other devices such as network cameras. A quad-band GPRS/edge module or a tri-band HSDPA/UMTS module can be integrated.

The operating system is based on Linux. Due to careful configuration and optimization of the kernel and root filesystem we have created a compact operating system at the core of the firmware without compromising the performance and flexibility of Linux. The S-3730 is an ideal platform for customized applications. Upon request Setrix can supply a cross-compiler development packet for all major Linux distributions.
In addition, Setrix provides on-site training and support for OEM customers or develops bespoke applications and device drivers for customers.

If desired, the S-3730 can be equipped with extra flash and SDRAM memory. In addition, one USB interface is configurable and a 160-pin interface can be mounted on the system for customized expansion boards. An SD or MS insert slot is designed for the data memory.

Download datasheet S-3730